Scorpion RS-3420 Competition Motor

Scorpion Power System

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Scorpion Power Systems RS-3420 series Brushless DC car motor. These motors are designed to meet and comply with all standards set forth by IFMAR for use in 1/10th and 1/12th scale electric powered RC racing cars. Scorpion motors are designed from the ground up to meet the demanding needs of racing enthusiasts, and are built with efficient, high-temperature components that allow them to produce the maximum power and speed that is possible. Years of research and development by top engineers and hands on testing by professional drivers has allowed us to make the RS-3420 series the best motors available on the market today!

• Patented Screw-type rotor surface to increase flux density and maximize cooling
• Built-in Cooling Fan on the rotor to increase airflow and decrease internal temperatures
• No plastic inserts are used to achieve maximum copper fill for the motor windings
• Rotor magnets are protected by a metal sleeve for maximum durability
• Built-in temperature sensors allow for on-track monitoring when used with Scorpion ESC
• 200% more cooling surface than other comparable motors for better heat dissipation
• The largest glued surface for the rotor, shaft and magnets of any motor in its class
• High grade Silicon Steel is used in the stator assembly for maximum flux density
• High purity copper wire is used for minimum internal resistance
• High temperature magnets are used to take the heat of competition
• Motor parts CNC machined from 7075 aerospace grade aluminum alloy

Scorpion RS-3420 V2 Online manual