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Slapmaster Tools - Thrust Kit

This thrust bearing kit spans over the 1/4x3/8 hub bearing with a specially designed delrin spacer removing itʼs side load, uses an actual thrust bearing which greatly increases differential longevity.

The rear tire can easily be removed without any interference. A black anodized aluminum lock nut is included.

#109 will fit Roche P12 2017 / AE 12R5.2 with 3/32” balls; $20

#134 the fit it all kit! ; $25

  • Length 0.08-0.13” (2.0-3.3mm) 
  • Length 0.13-0.15” (3.3-3.8mm) 
  • Length 0.15-0.19” (3.8-4.8mm)