T.O.P. Racing PC-R10001 Rebel 10

Top Racing

SKU: PC-R10001

The T.O.P. Rebel 10 features a three-point rear pod that has been optimized to fit brushless motors and uses a woven carbon fiber chassis that utilizes a pivot-ball link rear suspension that allows for independent adjustments for chassis roll, bump, and alignment, to make these chassis adjustments independently gives greatest potential for the best possible handling on any track surface. While testing, the pivot-ball link chassis has proven to be more durable and excels in bumpy track conditions.

The front end has been optimized, featuring components with adjustable caster and track width and include Ackermann adjustment spacers. The foam front bumper helps protect body and chassis during impacts.

The rear of the Rebel features an oil filled center shock with tube style side dampers. The Rebel comes ready for brushless with a new optimized rear pod. The rear pod features a woven carbon fiber lower plate and shock/damper tube mount, and low CG aluminum machined motor mount side plates.

Required to complete: 200mm WGT Body, Tires, Motor, ESC, Battery and Radio System.