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ot Bands are made to be simple and easy to use and don't require fancy, expensive gadgets to get heat into your tires.

These can be powered by 2 different options:

1. ANY 12 volt DC power supply rated at 20 or more amps

2. Can be powered by a 3s lipo.

  • Developed for drag cars and 1/8 scale GT class applications.
  • These warmers are designed for use with a 12 volt power supply or a 3s lipo battery.
  • Each pair includes an XT90 male and Female connector
  • Each band features a 17" long, 2"wide surface area, and 11" long connector wires.
  • Hot bands are a fixed temp however if you have a voltage that varies you will not get a consistent temp.
  • 170-190 are the temps you will see maintained depending on your power source.

 Currently these tire warmers are made to fit 1/10 scale short course sized tires only.

Stay tuned for 1/10 buggy sizes.