RC MISSION Shock Shaft 3 x 22mm Titanium Coated For XRAY T 4 ULP Shock shaft



22 mm Shock shaft Titanium coating specification XRAY T4 '18,19 For ULP Shock (4 pieces)

RC-Mission continues to bring us some of the best products for our RC racing machines. These shock shafts don't disappoint. While the ULP (Ultra Low Profile) shocks that are equipped on the very popular Xray T4-2018 work very well, the perfectionists at RC Mission have found a few small tweaks to further improve an already stellar package. 

These shock shafts are designed to be slightly shorter to prevent the piston from colliding with the bladder upon full compression. This results in more consistent traction on bumpy tracks, or long sweeping corners where the shocks travel a greater amount. They can also prevent sudden traction rolls when the car collides with a corner dot or apex berm.

Additionally, they have been coated in titanium-nitride to increase durability and smoothness. 

This will add the dropp that you are looking for out of the ULP shocks

RC Mission test drivers recommend setting the shock length such that the gap between the shock body and the lower shock end is 8.5mm. 

Each package includes the following:

Qty 4 - RC Mission Titanium Coated Shock Shafts for T4-2018, 19


Pro Tip from Toshihiko Hara - 

It is highly recommended to use new shock plastics when installing these shock shafts. This will ensure proper fitment. It is also recommended to use fresh e-clips for the piston, or to slightly compress the e-clips to guarantee slop free/secure fitment. 

Video Review Credit: Edward Pickering