RC Rebellion X12'21 Alumn Crossflex Chassis with brass inserts


SKU: RCR X12'21

XRAY Alu-Crossflex Chassis X12´21

For 1/12 saison we´ve made a new innovation for XRAY X12´21, our first crossflex chassis for 12th scale

The outer shape is identical to the original, the crossflex inserts are as centric positioned as possible to keep the rotating behaviour especially at 12th super-fast cornering as high as possible
Prototype-tests at the end of 2019/20 season have shown the improvement of the crossflex chassis also on 1/12

The front cutouts are aerodynamic chamfered to generate additional downforce especially in fast corners

Crossflex: 55,8g
Crossflex + Brass inserts: 103g

The function-patent for our all new Crossflex Chassis is already pending.
The idea was to become able to adjust the weight-balance as well as the flex individually with every insert by using different fixing-positions without the need of changing the whole chassis (which is always hard front/rear or soft front/rear, but not hard front / soft rear)
if fix the brass inserts on an axle 90° to driving direction it almost doesn´t have any influence to the flex, if also fix the other positions over cross the inserts decrease the flex (=> Crossflex).
To make the system work the fixing points for "hard" setting are 0,3mm lowered to get in the free movement at "flex" setting, when using "hard" setting you need to put in the included 0,3mm shims to be able to fix the "hard" setting
=> It´s easier than it looks like ;)

Chassis are black anodized and laser-engraved