AVID Aluminum Ballstud Washer Set | 12 pc | Updated

Avid RC


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UPDATED: We have updated our ballstud washers to work on both offroad and onroad cars. Our previous design had a staggered outer diameter so you could easily tell the thickness of washer you were running. However the thick washers couldn't be used on most touring cars and on paper the idea seemed great but as we began using them we found we couldn't help ourselves from restacking them each time we adjusted them by having the tallest washer on the bottom and going up from there. So obviously we found ourselves dropping them on the floor and losing them to that thing that takes your socks in the dryer. So to fix the problems we have made the OD the same on all the washers (5.55mm) to work on touring cars as well but we have chamfered one edge only so you can more easily see the thickness of the washer while on your vehicle.

AVID makes your life better (and your ride cooler) once again with our fresh approach on a traditional aluminum ballstud washer by introducing a single chamfered design for your offroad or touring car so that you may more easily see what the washer thickness is on your vehicle. These precision machined aluminum washers won't crush or change thickness when clamped.


  • Black Anodized Aluminum, fits M3 and 4-40 ballstuds
  • Chamfer added on one side only to easily identify thickness when stacked together.
  • Fits Associated, TLR, Xray, Kyosho, Yokomo, Tamiya, Durango, and other popular brand 10th scale vehicles.
  • Set includes 12 pcs, 4 of each thickness (2.0, 1.0, and 0.5mm) and AVID decal.