Bezerk T4 2020 Bumper Brace


SKU: XR119

Bezerk RC option part for the XRAY T4 2020 touring car. With the big redesign of the platform this year, designing a suitable brace was a little more of a challenge. These braces typically butt up against the bulkheads below the swaybar mounts. So instead of trying to go above the sway bar we've used the part of the bulkhead that the swaybar mounts into to provide a good bump stop. What does a brace do? Typically in a heavy front on collision all the bumper forces hinge on the very front of the chassis and you end up with a broken/cracked chassis. This braces transmits some of that force into the bulkheads to prevent the hinging action so thus helps save your chassis. Obviously check both the brace and the chassis after a hard hit. Like all Bezerk parts it can be customized to suit your needs.