Bittydesign MC10 1/10 TC Clear body 190mm ROAR Approved (Lightweight)



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The MC10 body represents a new reality for drivers all around the world who are racing at the highest level. The body has been tested and developed for several months in Italy by BD official development team together with team drivers from Germany and Finland.

The 1st detail we focused on our attention has been the front end inspired by US muscle cars; the final look it’s unique for an high competition market body. The driver will have the pleasure of driving a model that will finally look different from the usual.

We have not neglected the most important aspect of the maximum performance, and the tests done with the new MC10 body showed us what we expected; the car feels really neutral to drive together with an high fluidity on the turns. ETS stock former Max Mächler and modified driver Viljamin Kutvonen confirmed the consistency and the feeling of this body:

“This shell gives a neutral handling, the grip level is good at every part on the track. With these characteristics it gives a more easy and consistent feeling on the track. If you mount the MC10 shell 2mm forward like I've done, it gives also a very good steering response.” Max Mächler

“MC10 is easy to drive. It makes 5 minutes easy to complete and is more mistake-free. It's also stable in mid-corner and out of the corner. I can recommend this body when track conditions have low grip.” Viljamin Kutvonen

· The body comes with complete set of plastic big light washers to fix the rear wing perfectly. Steel screws /nuts are includeds in the kit (you don't need to purchase any aftermarket accessory to fix our wing). Lightweight 0,75mm thickness, made with high quality polycarbonate, the body is sold with protective film, windows masks and decals sheet included.

ATTENTION: body is sold clear, image is painted for advertising purposes only.