Exotek F104 +3mm Off Set Wheels For Shimizu Tires (4) White


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New Exotek wheels for the F104! These wheels are designed for use with the top rated Shimizu rubber tires for the F104.

They are made of nylon for durability and light weight construction, have +3mm off set front and back for perfect 189mm width with tires installed.

The special design is ribbed on the inner side and lipped on the outer side for hassle free mounting and gluing of the tires. Also 2 vent holes are molded in for perfect tire performance and the outer rim has a rounded contour to keep from damaging the soft rubber sidewalls.

An additional feature is designed into the wheel- it has a slightly larger radius to perfectly match up with the inner radius of the inner tire bead which translates to easier gluing and mounting as well.

Available in sets of 4 in black or white.

Tire not included