RC MISSION Aluminium Rear Drive Shaft Set For XRAY T4 V2


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Aluminum Rear drive shaft set for XRAY T4  Version 2

This aluminum driveshaft set features a hard coated aluminum dogbone AND stub axle portion. This results in a driveshaft assembly that is 20% LIGHTER than the stock parts supplied in the XRAY T4 kits. 

These are especially useful in spec racing classes where less rotational mass is desired. If you are worried about durability, our drivers have been running them in the modified division for over a year with great results!

Each package includes all the parts needed to build a pair of ultra lightweight, aluminum rear driveshafts:

Qty 2 - Hard Coated Aluminum Dogbone
Qty 2 - Hard Coated Aluminum Stub Axle
Qty 2 - Hardened Steel Cross Joint
Qty 2 - 2mm Cross Pin
Qty 2 - M3 Setscrew

Pro-Tip from Korey Harbke - For an even more precise fitment, use Xray 305231 Drive Shaft Coupling in place of the cross joints included in the package.