MUGEN MTC2 straight plate


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The straight plate from MSE is a very important part for your MTC2 touring car from Mugen Seiki.

The plate has the following task:
The correct and perfect mounting of the bulkheads on the chassis is not always easy, as there are no shock towers (or pins in the chassis) to ensure the correct fit. If the bulkheads are mounted on the chassis at a slight angle or offset, this has undesirable effects on values ​​such as caster and track on your vehicle. 

Loosen the screws of your bulkheads on the underside of the chassis. Then the straight plate from MSE is screwed onto your bulkheads from above (instead of the top deck). It ensures that the bulkheads are seated parallel to each other. Now you can tighten the screws at the bottom again and have the security of perfectly aligned bulkheads on the MTC2.

The Straight Plate from MSE is a great solution to ensure perfect mounted bulkheads on the chassis of your Mugen Seiki MTC2 touring car.

How to use the Straight Plate:
Loosen the Bulkhead Screws on the chassis of your MTC2. Remove your top deck from the car. Now install the straight plate instead of the top deck - it will ensure perfectly aligned bulkheads. Tighten the lower bulkhead screws again and your bulkheads are in position as precise as possible. Remove the plate, install your Topdeck again and enjoy your Mugen Seiki MTC2 even more!