Olfa Compass Cutter OL-CMP1



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Overview for the Olfa Compass Cutter

The Olfa Compass Cutter is a convenient and functional drawing tool designed for drawing and cutting circles with diameters ranging from ½ inch up to six inches. It is equipped with a ratchet mechanism that allows easy and quick adjustment of the compass. It features graduations for measuring and a screw that locks in any position to accurately draw and cut circles according to the desired diameter.

This compass cutter comes with a nine-millimeter wide blade and is readily usable. Ideal for cutting paper, vinyl sheets, wallpaper, film, light wood, and other thin materials, it includes a rubber pad that prevents the compass needle from piercing the material. This rubber pad, together with five spare blades, is packed in a small plastic case that also functions as a protective covering when the compass is not in use.

With its lightweight and portable design, the Olfa Compass Cutter is convenient to carry anywhere for all drawing and cutting needs.