Pro-Spec FASST NA1 Bearing Oil For Dry Bearing


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Pro-Spec FASST NA1 Bearing Oil For Dry Bearing

Professional specs FASST NA1 bearing coating oil for dry bearings (special bottle comes with one) 5ml input

Spec-FASST Pro NA1 Bearing Coating Oil For Dry Bearing

NA1 bearing coating oil of FASST chemical series, will be the product that has been developed to dry bearing only to be used as a mini four-wheel drive and radio control for the car. This product was born by the test repeated by a professional spec driver who is, endure for use over a long period of time, and, with the goal to develop that to minimize the driving resistance of the bearing, it has been commercialized. Overseas players, including Viktor players, and also I think that you try this product was convinced domestic players. Dedicated bottle will be one included.