ProtoForm 1:10 Fender & Body Post PROtectors


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Easy Way to add weight to meet the 90g body requirements

This is a set of PROTOform Fender & Body Post PROtectors, custom cut to keep your on-road race body looking its best!

An industry first! The Fender PROtectors are die cut to perfectly form around the front fenders of your race body, increasing durability during crashes and rigidity under high-speed aero loads or body rubs on carpet. They can be used to mend a cracked fender, or put them on a brand new body to increase its longevity from the start. Use them on the outside or inside of the fender, or both if you need even more protection.

Place the Body Post PROtectors around your body post holes to reinforce those weak areas during crashes and protect your paint from getting scratched off by body height adjusters.

Each set comes with 4 fender protectors and 4 (1/12, 6290-00) or 8 (1/10, 6290-01) body post protectors, as well as extra material that racers can slice and dice as they choose to patch up other crash damage. Our specially sourced, extra-tough material is super sticky with just the right amount of flexibility to wrap around virtually any body contour. It’s also lighter than the traditional shoo-goo repair method. Fender & Body Post PROtectors are available for 1/10 & 1/12 race bodies.

Combine the Fender & Body Post PROtectors with PROTOshine Lexan Body Cleaner to keep your PROTOform bodies looking fresher, longer!