Protoform J-71 Vintage Trans-Am (VTA) Clear Body


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After receiving many requests, PROTOform is proud to release it's rendition of the 1971 Trans-Am Championship winning car. The addition of the J71 to the VTA scene will surely add new excitement and drama to an already diverse class of racing.

The J71 features all the unique styling cues of the original car as well as is a molded in rear spoiler. The front of the car features an add-on nose with air dam. When mounted with shoo goo and 2mm screws it becomes an integral part of the body. Because this area of a racebody is the most prone to racing wear and tear, a second nose is supplied with the body. This configuration allows for molding a lightweight, durable .030 lexan body, which in turn aids the handling ability of any VTA chassis.

The VTA class has already proven that it's loved by all. The PROTOform J71 will hopefully make it even more colorful!

- Made from extremely durable .030 Lexan material
- 200mm wide at the front and 210mm across the rear wheel openings
- Add-on front nose with air dam
- Paint then peel over spray film, sticker sheet, and window masks included
- Exceptional detail for the Vintage style we all enjoy

- Clear J71 body (1pc)
- Front Body Nose Piece (2pcs)
- Mounting Hardware (1pc)
- Window Masks (1pc)
- Decal Sheet (1pc)