R1Wurks 30mm x 15mm R1031 (6 VOLTS)

R1 Wurks

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R1Wurks 30mm High speed Blower fan 7- 8 grams of Thrust at 6V (R1031)

Keep fan 15mm away from the motor.

Power thru receiver only.

Maximum voltage 6v.

ESC voltage must be set at 6v (If adjustable)

For technical support or warranty info, please email R1Wurks Directly r1wurks@r1wurks.com

30 x 30 x 15mm (W x L x H)

- Generates 7- 8 grams of Thrust at 6V 0.5 amps (almost double any comparable fan)
-comparable fans generate 4-5 grams of thrust at 8.4 volts
- Most efficient ROAR/EFRA legal fan