RC Dynamics Voltage 1s Booster

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Designed primarily for 1/12th scale racing and other small RC model applications. The RC Dynamics Voltage 1s Booster was designed for use in both single cell LiPo and 4 cell NiMH powered models, where the main battery pack does not have sufficient voltage to power the electronics. The voltage booster ensures that the model electronics are supplied with stable 6V supply throughout the duration of the run, regardless of input voltage. In 3.7V LiPo powered cars this means you are assured of reliable operation of all electronics, as well as constant servo speed throughout the run, without the need for, or the extra weight of the alternative separate receiver pack. In NiMH powered cars, whilst not normally a necessity, the steady 6V supply ensures glitch free operation of all electronics and constant servo speed. With many servos, response and feel is much better with a 6V supply than without the booster.

Main Features

  • Ultra minature, low weight design with inbuilt switch

    Designed to ensure weight and size are as low as possible specifically for 1/12th scale vehicles. Other boosters or receiver packs use a separate power switch these are often almost as large as the booster itself.

  • Rugged design using the highest quality parts

    All components chosen are high quality parts designed for use in harsh environments. Circuit design and assembly techniques used are appropriate to military grade electronics.

  • Efficient design

    Ensures maximum runtime, at a typical output current of 0.75A, only 0.45W of power will be consumed by the booster circuitry, this equates to only 16mAh of battery power consumed during the duration of the 8 min run.

  • Inbuilt protection

    Output over current/short circuit protection prevents damage to the booster circuitry in the event of a fault with the connected electronics.

  • LED Status indicator

    Provides quick and easy indication that the booster is powered and the switch is in the on position

Technical Specifiations

Input Voltage

2.5 - 5.8V

Output Voltage


Quiescent Current


Typical Efficiency


Maximum Current


Maximum PCB Size


Maximum Size including heatshrink



Approx 6g

Input Wire*

130mm 22AWG Aircraft Spec

Output Wire*

90mm 26AWG Aircraft Spec


JST/Futaba Style