RC Mission - Bulkhead Alignment Tool



Tool for alignment

 DOES NOT FIT XRAY T4 2020, 2021


RC Mission Bulkhead Alignment Tool for the Xray T4 

A unique design that utilizes precision ground pins, as well as a carefully machined block to properly space and align the main bulkheads of an Xray T4. Additionally, you can use this tool to properly space and align the upper bulkheads and align the shock towers of the T4 as well. 

One of our drivers chased a tweak in his car for over a month, only to find this alignment tool helped square everything up and make his car straight as an arrow! Give it a try!

Each package includes the following:

Qty 1 - RC Mission Bulkhead Alignment Block
Qty 2 - RC Mission Precision Ground Alignment Pins

Here is a simple process of how to use the tool:

1. Remove the rear differential and/or front spool
2. Remove any stray dirt or debris that would interfere with the alignment tool
3. Loosen the lower screws for the bulkheads, and the screws tieing the top deck to the bulkhead. 
4. Slide the included pins through the holes in the upper holes in the main bulkhead so it passes though each one. 
5. Place the alignment block between the bulkheads. Ensure it is fully seated on the pins. 
6. Tighten the lower screws for the bulkheads

At this point, the lower bulkheads are aligned. You may remove the block and pins and reassemble like normal, but if you want to go a step further and align the upper bulkheads as well, continue to step 7. 

7. Loosen the 4 button head screws that hold the shock tower to the upper bulkheads.
8. Place the upper bulkheads and shock tower assembly on the main bulkhead with the alignment tool still in place. 
9. While lightly pinching the upper bulkheads against the upper edge of the alignment tool, tighten the 4 screws that secure the upper bulkheads to the lower bulkheads.
10. Tighten the 4 button head screws on the shock tower to secure to the upper bulkhead. 

Now you may remove the 4 screws holding the upper bulkhead in place, alignment tool and pins. At this point you should have a lower and upper bulkhead assembly that is aligned and spaced properly. You may continue reassembly like normal . 


Video Credit: Edward Pickering