RC MISSION High quality Universal dogborn for Xray T4 (Standard Length axle) 2pcs



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RC MISSION Highquality Universal dogborn for Xray T4 (Standard Length axle) 2pcs 

Hardened steel precision double joint driveshafts that are a direct replacement for XRAY 305332. Unlike the MI-DCJ-SX, which is designed with different joint geometry, the MI-DCJ-STD is designed to be a direct replacement of the stock XRAY pieces. These driveshafts offer less slop and are offered at a more attractive price point than genuine XRAY parts. 

Pro Tip from Korey Harbke (RC Mission USA):

Add a 0.2mm shim between the axle and inner bearing before installation. This will remove excess slop and mimic the double joint geometry of the standard XRAY pieces. It is highly recommended to use RC Mission Solid Axle Cups (V2) as well for optimal fitment.