RC MISSION Highquality Progressive shock insert for T4 ULP with piston 2 pcs



High Quality Progressive Shock Insert XRAY T4 ULP

The crew at RC Mission has designed a progressive damping sleeve for the new XRAY T4 ULP shocks that compliments the Xray PSS. These new, ultra low friction coated sleeves are designed to be somewhere between linear (no PSS) and full progressive (Xray PSS) as an additional tuning option. When paired with the RC mission high compression PGI pistons, there are even more tuning possibilities! Progressive damping is highly recommended on prepared asphalt tracks with a lot of flowing corners. 

Most Progressive

----Xray ULP PSS----

---RC Mission ULP PGI w/ High Comp Piston---

--RC Mission ULP PGI w/ Black Piston--

-Standard Xray shock without PGI/PSS-

Most Linear/Less progressive


Pro Tip from Korey Harbke (RC Mission USA):

RC Mission PGI is great on a variety of tracks. Please try to use the black piston that is included on bumpy or lower traction asphalt tracks with 450cst oil to start. For smoother tracks, use the White, high compression piston for increased response and support in high speed corners.