Scorpion Vanguard S3-80 Turbo Stock Kit Set

Scorpion Power System

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Cont./ Burst Current, *A | 50/100A
Motor Type Supported | Sensored and Sensorless Brushless Motor
All level competitions, 10th & 12th Scale and off road
Motor Limit | >= 8.5T
Resistance | 0.00155Ohm*2
Voltage Input | 2s LiPo
Footprint | 30,6 mm (W) x 30,6 mm (L)
Size (w/o FAN) | 35.8 x 30.6 x 13 mm
Weight | 23.5g
FAN | 6V@0.2A
External Programming Port Output | 1
* Burst current rating according to MOS FET specification
Build with military specification component.
Wide input voltage range 6~8.4V (2S Lipo)
Sensored and Sensorless brushless motors (BLDC)
Motor Limits from 8.5T motors (Scorpion Vanguard S3-80 Turbo Stock Kit Set)
High current, up to 80A continues current (Scorpion Vanguard S3-80 Turbo Stock Kit Set)
Factory driver suggested setting
Profession PC program
Aluminum heat sink
Build-in temperature sensor with adjustable temperature protection.
True DC-DC 3 A/6V BEC for servo and receiver
Multiple protection
Adjustable Voltage control and protection(cutoff, motor stop) with LiPo AutoDetect mode.
Motor over temperature protection (for Scorpion RS-3420/RR-3420 motor)
1 x hall sensor connectors, this can be used for PC connection either.
Flexible adjustment
Wide range of settings for different purpose and race course
ScorpionVanguard S3-80A Turbo stock - User Guide V4
Scorpion Vanguard S3-80 Turbo Stock Kit Set
Weight including packaging - 160g