XRAY T4 Brass Rear/Rear Lower 1-Piece Suspension Holder


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The XRAY T4 Brass Rear/Rear Lower 1-Piece Suspension Holder is compatible with both standard rear suspension, and cars equipped with ARS with extra roll center positions. The brass suspension holder adds an additional 12 grams of weight, helping to bring the car up to the minimum weight limit. Using the brass holders in the Rear improves the car’s rotation and steering, and is recommended for medium-traction conditions. Plus, it is recommended that you use this in place of chassis-mounted weights that can negatively influence chassis flex. 

The brass holders are 3x heavier than aluminum holders, they place the extra weight equally on left and right sides, and they keep the CG as low as possible while not introducing negative flex to the chassis. Moreover, the brass holders also influence the handling characteristics, and may be used for further fine-tuning the car’s set-up.