XRAY T4F 2021 1/10 Front Wheel Drive FWD Electric Touring Car Kit


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Xray T4F 2021 the brand new 1:10 Electric Front

The Xray T4F 2021 a premium, professional, high-competition RC car for the most demanding racers, developed with attention to detail and backed by premium service & support.

Central Drive Train System.

The all-new central drivetrain moves the motor and layshaft to the center of the car to improve on/off power stability and to generate more traction. Everything is new on the central drivetrain system – layshaft, motor mount, pulley, and drive belt.

Motor Mount.

The motor and layshaft mounts are integrated into an all-new one-piece design that is placed in the absolute center line of the chassis. The new motor mount features a pressed-in steel layshaft axle that is positioned in the middle of the chassis. The motor is located in front of the layshaft to match the unique weight distribution needs of a FWD platform.

The motor mount is designed to have super low CG design but still robust enough to resist bending in the serious crashes. The motor mount is installed on the chassis with 4 screws. One is positioned behind the layshaft axis, with the other three screws located in front. These screws can be removed for further chassis flex adjustment. The motor mount also integrates with the battery backstop holder.Machined from premium Swiss 7075 T6 aluminum and black anodized.

Middle Layshaft.

The all-new aluminum layshaft is strategically CNC-machined to minimize rotating weight without compromising strength or integrity. The precision layshaft includes two pressed in bearings to minimize runout and reduces drivetrain vibration. The layshaft features a super narrow design and a new square hub profile to interface with the new 20T pulley for the drive belt. The pulley is secured by an O-ring or the C-clip depending on the driver’s preference.Machined from premium Swiss 7075 T6 aluminum and black anodized.


The all-new chassis was completely redesigned to accommodate the new center drivetrain system and the long arm suspension components. The new layout moves the main bulkheads towards the center by 1mm and adds mounting holes for the new long arm suspension mounts.

Suspension Arms.

The new suspension arms were completely redesigned. At 7mm longer than the previous generation, they help create more grip in low traction conditions and improve stability on higher traction surfaces. The suspension arms feature a standard shock mounting position as well as a new 4mm lower position to lower the CG (must be used with optional ULP shock tower). The lower mounting position improves the stability of the car in the chicanes and in technical corners and improves steering response. The rear arms feature a new design to accommodate the standard rear suspension and the optional ARS suspension using the same arm. Different hardnesses of arms are available, each optimized for different racing conditions.

Top Deck.

The all-new top deck was designed to work with the new center layshaft location in the middle of the chassis. Made from 2.0mm graphite material, the shape of the top deck has been specifically designed to achieve maximum traction and great steering characteristics at the same time. The top deck is perfectly symmetrical to achieve the ideal, consistent flex behavior.

Top Deck Flex Setting.

The unique top deck flex setting allows easy adjustment of the flex between 3 different characteristics.

Xray T4F 2021 All-new Features:

  • All-new FWD platform based on the T4’20
  • All-new drivetrain layout with centralized motor position
  • Central layshaft location for more consistent on-power/off-power balance
  • All-new motor position in front of the layshaft for the improved weight balance for FWD class
  • Super narrow top shaft utilizes new 20T pulleys and pressed-in ball bearings to minimize space requirements
  • Narrow suspension holders and longer arms improve traction and corner speed
  • All-new 7mm longer suspension arms feature two shock mounting locations; the lower position combined with ULP shock towers reduce chassis roll and improve stability in high traction conditions
  • All-new super low anti-roll bar mounts and new compact linkage components helps lower the vehicle CG
  • All-new redesigned anti-roll bar system features new front bars, smaller bushings and shorter ball joints designed for the new low CG mounting locations
  • All-new symmetrical top deck shape provides clearance around new central drivetrain pieces while maintaining even side to side chassis flex characteristics
  • All-new central motor mount positioned directly on chassis centerline for consistent chassis flex
  • All-new black anodized lower bulkheads are moved 1mm inward to increase clearance for new long arm suspension geometry
  • All-new narrowed upper clamps to match lower bulkheads and integrate with new shock towers
  • All-new lighter graphite floating servo holder and taller servo posts redesigned to work with new suspension and driveline geometry
  • Compatible with most T4’20 spares and option parts