ZooRacing ZooZilla 190mm touring car body

zoo racing

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The ZooZilla body for 190mm touring cars is the first litter of ZooRacing ever. Designed for medium downforce with plenty of steering and a very stable rear end, the bodywork is a very good choice for carpet as well as asphalt. A number of anti-tuck features are already integrated for a stable and safe use on the racetrack: the structured construction of the side parts and stiffening ribs in the rear area ensure a high degree of safety, even if the rearman knocks unexpectedly.


The body is available in two variants:

  • LIGHTWEIGHT: 0.5mm thick - 55g weight without paint and sticker, incl. Wings
  • REGULAR: 0.7mm thick - 83g weight without paint and sticker, inc. Wing. With paint and stickers, for example, the 90g rule of the ETS is very easy to reach.


A special feature of ZooRacing bodies are the two-stage Scheibenabkleber.Mit stage 1 sticks in the first step from the entire disc and painted the entire body. Then remove Level 1 and glue the smaller level 2 into the glass. So you can paint a perfect window frame!


The features:

  • Developed and shaped using CAD design
  • Allround body for all purposes
  • deep-drawn front
  • retracted roof structure for a perfect stability and air flow
  • Vortex generators for a perfect flow of the rear wing
  • Reinforcing ribs on the trunk
  • Beading and edges in the rear as an anti-tuck feature against trapped bodies
  • Wheel arches with integrated possible offset forwards or backwards (+/- 4mm)
  • Anti-Tuck stiffener also integrated in the side panels
  • detailed decal sheet
  • two-stage disc adhesive
  • Bolts and nuts for the rear wing included


The delivery of the body is unpainted and not cut out.

Rear wing, a small decal sheet and disc sticker are included.