SKU: rcm-cbt

A crucial part of having a balanced car in handling relies on the balance of the car left to right. On most touring car chassis, there will be small dimples or holes in the centre on the front and rear. Our new Chassis Balancing Tool is constructed from carbon fibre and ceramic providing an ultra light weight and handy alternative to traditional chassis balancing tools.

Simple slide the tool under the front and rear of your chassis and locate the black ceramic ball into the small dimple or hole on your chassis. From there you can see which side of the chassis is heavier and move or add weight accordingly, to ensure your car is perfectly balanced!

We used a ceramic ball to ensure minimal friction between ball and chassis, giving you a more accurate gauge on the balance of your chassis.

Suitable for 1/10th Touring Car and 1/12th Pan car. 

Comes in a set with 2 pcs, for the front and rear of your car.