Tekno RC - Locking Shock Rod End and Tall Spring Perch Set (revised, 16mm shocks)

Tekno RC


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TKR6140B – Locking Shock Rod End and Spring Perch Set (revised, 16mm shocks)

Feel confident your vehicle’s suspension will remain consistent over long mains with our new extended length spring perch. These locking shock spring perches follow design queues of TKR6140 with one change, the shock perch has been lengthened. The tall spring perch helps prevent the shock spring from unseating and also prolongs the shock boot lifespan. The shock boot is now protected inside the spring perch and prevented from touching the moving spring.

TKR6140B includes 4ea shock rod ends, 4ea tall spring perches, 4ea 10mm set screws and is compatible with all generations of the SCT410, EN48, ET48, NB48, NT48 and EB48SL vehicles.

Never lose a shock spring again with these locking shock spring perches and rod ends. An all new design that mates up perfectly with our durable new captured shock boots (TKR6143, TKR6144, TKR6145) will ensure your suspension stays consistent throughout any race or run. The spring perches rest on a shelf around the rod end instead of directly on top of the rod end. The result is less interference from the shock boot and absolutely no sacrifice in up travel. Each spring perch / rod end is secured by an M3x10mm set screw (TKR1605).

NOTE: Requires the use of captured shock boots (TKR6143, TKR6144, TKR6145). Shock boots should be installed before the rod ends are attached to the shock shaft.


  • Locking design ensures you never pop or lose a spring.
  • No sacrifice in suspension up travel.
  • More consistent suspension action.
  • Durable composite construction.
  • Extended length shock spring perch.
  • Compatible with EB/NB/ET/NT/SCT Tekno RC vehicle